Sunday, August 01, 2010

A Fresh Start

Yea,finally got some time to update=) life been quite hectic this pass few days. I just moved into a new place,and tell you what, I really fucking love this place, awesome! This place is call "Griya Permata". My room is on the upper stair of the building, and guess what, my room have two floors! =) Although, the room was quite small, but I love it. The 1st floor is where I put my study table, books, fridge and stuffs like that. It acts like some kind of living room. And, the second floor is where I will spend most of my time, the place where I sleep. haha. Yeaa, I spend most of my time sleeping *snore*.

Anyway, what i like most here, is the balcony outside my room. Its always windy even on the afternoon. I love to stand there in the middle of the night feeling the windy and gazing at the star. haha, I know it sounds boring, but i LOVE it!

Now, I need to continue working on my paperwork,since it hasn't complete yet =_=" i hope no more rejection from the doctor after this. Will show the pictures of my new place on the next post.

*kenapa bintang x berkelip-kelip macam dalam cerita kartun?**sigh*

current mood : ecstactic