Thursday, July 29, 2010


Finally..yeah,finally I have something to keep myself busy with. A paperwork that needed to be complete and submit this Monday. Actually it was a 2 weeks deadline paperwork but as usual:-

"Fadhli was every punctual boy who will complete his task the night before deadline"

Screw Me

Now,with only 4 days before the dead line, baru nak terkedek-kedek cari journal and berusaha
menyiapkan paperwork tersebut =_=" anyway,just now I know hard it was to search the journal on the internet *i mean for the medical stuff*

But hey,now is the time to make the full use of my insomnia, staying up all night to complete the
paperwork. I guess there are some good things bout being an insomniac =D alright, come on, less
bloging,less facebook-ing and focus on the journal *sigh*

*currently listening to The Kill-30 second to Mars*