Friday, May 01, 2009

everything has the FIRST~


this is my 1st time doin dis blogging thing.hahah~
xsalah untuk mencuba en.for dis 1st post,i think its only time 4 me to find out how blogging works.

well,since dis is blog,guess i should introduce myself.
erm,nama Muhammad Fadhli bin Adnan.erm,org bese panggil fadhli,fadh,pali,ayie,emog, and teddy pun ad jugak.hahah.xtaw mane name2 neh datang.19 years old on 19th january 2009~
lahir kat KL and now taking a-level at Kolej Teknologi Timur,sepang.(or maybe can be called as kolej tunggu tumbang,ngee~).

i think,dis is all,4 da 1st post.later~