Thursday, July 29, 2010


Finally..yeah,finally I have something to keep myself busy with. A paperwork that needed to be complete and submit this Monday. Actually it was a 2 weeks deadline paperwork but as usual:-

"Fadhli was every punctual boy who will complete his task the night before deadline"

Screw Me

Now,with only 4 days before the dead line, baru nak terkedek-kedek cari journal and berusaha
menyiapkan paperwork tersebut =_=" anyway,just now I know hard it was to search the journal on the internet *i mean for the medical stuff*

But hey,now is the time to make the full use of my insomnia, staying up all night to complete the
paperwork. I guess there are some good things bout being an insomniac =D alright, come on, less
bloging,less facebook-ing and focus on the journal *sigh*

*currently listening to The Kill-30 second to Mars*

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Restless Soul~

Tadi pergi berkaraoke bersama encik beto,aidil,maro,dol dan juga cik puan mahirah. Owh, brother sankaran pun ikut jugak tadi. Jam 10.55 pm, dari rumah beto, aku dengan beto pun terkedek-kedek naik motor menuju ke pusat karaoke Happy Puppy *da takde nama lain kot*. Yang lain semua dah tiba di destinasi. Sampai-sampai di destinasi tujuan, bermulalah sesi melontarkan suara. Sumpah puas la karaoke malam ni *maybe sebab dah lama tak berkaraoke*

Anyway, hari ni berpuas hati sebab dapat keluar bersuka-ria~ at last =D I hope the days to come will bring more happiness and satisfaction.

*currently listening to Endless Love(Glee Cast)*

p/s: yesterday just being laughed at by someone cause im hearing this song, but what can i do? this song haunt me for the whole week already =_="

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Sumpah la da lama giler da x update blog neh. Tak tau apsal tapi memang takde mood la nak bukak,menulis,bercerita,berbicara dekat blog. So ni dah ada mood better la I start babbling again here. *yawn*

3.33 a.m. im still awake mengadap laptop kononnya nak siapkan paperwork. *kononnye la*
Tapi hampeh,last click2 mouse,tekan2 keyboard sampai jugak la kat FACEBOOK. come on la Fadhli,sumpah ko x de discipline =_=" besok nak kene jumpa Doctor tapi sekarang tak tido-tido lagi. xpe lahhh. tido lepas jumpa doctor besok je laa *grin*

"The Rationale Use of Antibiotics"

Sounds simple at first,tapi bila dah start buat sumpah blur la weh!! search internet, tapi keluar sume journal pelik-pelik. So i just randomly picks a few journal here and there nak bawak jumpa doctor besok~ sumpah da xde mood nak belajar dah, badan kat sini tapi jiwa da melayang balik Malaysia da kowt ToT takde la homesick ke apa,tapi ramai member-member da balik. Sumpah rindu nak lepak. takpe-takpe,sabar. Lagi 3 minggu je.*hopefully takde remedi*

Ermmm,what else about me? owh yeah. now waiting to move out into new house. yeahh!! x sabar nk tinggalkan my current house neh. Sumpah aku tak suka environment dia yg berdebu nak mampus. Plus,all my friends pun dah move out so dats also make me want to move out A.S.A.P~

Owhh,1 more interesting thing! im gonna be a senior soon! ahaha.bukan apa, takde la nak buli,ragging ke hape, cuma i just wanna see some new faces here *pretty faces hopefully* sebab dah agak bosan setahun menghadap muka yang sama je kat Bali ni. Hopefully I can mingle wells with the juniors, welcome~

Nothing much to tell because nothing interesting happens in my life *dats mean you dont have a life dude*. Maybe because i choose to spend my days in my room. my mistake i guess. I just go out from my room to play DOTA with my buddy. guess i should spend more time hanging around with em. Not like I am anti-social or wut "Hell NO!" but x tau la,maybe I'm afraid to enjoy myself to much. But hey,come on! i cant be like this life is not all about passing the exams with flying colours,rite? besides,my life as 1st year student have ended. time to take a deep breath because after this I am allowed to enjoy myself more. Hopefully JPA will consider since i already try my best.

My aims~:

1.finished the paperwork a.s.a.p
2.spend more times with friends=)
3. adjust back my sleep wake cycle
4.lose some weights{=_="}

dats all for now, gonna update more frequently after this *hopefully*

*you are who you are,nobody decide who you wanna be*